Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a girdle?

A: A girdle is a compression garment.  In the case of boots, the girdle provides a reduction in the circumference of the boot shaft (the portion above the ankle) of a variety of boots. 

Q: What type of boots does The Boot Girdle work with?

A: The Boot Girdle works with Cowboy boots, Roper boots, Chelsea boots, Zipper boots, pretty much any boot that has a tendency to be visible from the outside of the pants.  Also, one of the best things about The Boot Girdle is that it doesn't have any additional metal or plastic eyelets to run the strap through that could damage the boot shaft or feel uncomfortable!

Q: Is The Boot Girdle for both men and women?

A: Yes, The Boot Girdle is unisex.

Q: How long are the straps?

A: The One-Size-Fits-All are a pair of 15 inch straps with 5 inches of adjustable Velcro. 

Q: Do the straps have elasticity?

A: There is a slight elasticity in the straps when stretching them out, which gives a comfortable, unconfined feel.  However, the tensile strength is relatively high which provides for a consistent fit every time.

Q: Can the straps damage the boots?

A: The portion of the strap that makes contact with the boot is made out of a smooth, soft polyester material that glides across the boot shaft surface.  Like any wear and tear that is expected from simply using your boots, creases on the boot shaft may develop as a result of using the straps.

Q.  Do you offer international shipping?

A.  Currently, only domestic shipping is offered.

Q.  How long does it take for an order to ship?

A.  Items can take anywhere from 5-7 days to process and order, and depending on the selection of your shipping method, it can take 2-3 days for expedited or 3-4 days for standard.

Q: What is the return policy?

A: To start a return, you can contact us at If your return is accepted, we’ll send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Returns will be charged a 5% restocking fee depending on the size of the order and the buyer is responsible for the return shipping cost.  Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted. 

Q: Is The Boot Girdle patent protected?

A: Yes, The Boot Girdle is patented.